Berlin: marathon of world records

berlin marathon

Impressive marathon took place on Sunday in Berlin. Some of the world’s best circuit completely flat, large economic investment, stellar signings, tens of thousands of popular athletes … world records. The capital of Germany celebrates one might call Marathon Records. It seems that to overcome a world record has to travel to Berlin. It’s almost an absolute truth.

The truth is that in the 42,195 meters in Berlin have broken seven world records, including the last six. And there have been overcome barriers two hours and four minutes and two hours and three minutes.

These are the past World Records:

2h 06:05 Ronaldo Da Costa (Brazil), 1998

2h 04:55 Paul Tergat (Kenya) in 2003

2h 04:26 Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) in 2007

2h 03:59 Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) in 2008

2h 03:38 Patrick Makau (Kenya) in 2011

2h 03:23 Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) in 2013

2h 02:57 Dennis Kimetto (Kenya) in 2014.

In the latter case, by the way, was second Emmanuel Mutai, with 2h 3:13, the second best world mark of history. That gives an idea of the tremendous potential of the Berlin race.

marathon winner

For example, throughout history have achieved five lower at two hours and four minutes marks, five different athletes. It has run a dozen times under 2h 05:00 by nine different athletes. And 19 times in less than 2h 06:00 thirteen different brokers.

The four best records in the history of this race have Kenyan athletes. The first one that does not belong to this country is logically Haile Gebrselassie. The first non-African in the ranking of Berlin is the Brazilian Ronaldo da Costa (he rolled to tumble on entering the goal after making 2h 6:06, world record time) and the first European is the Belgian Vincent Rousseau, who made 2h 07:20 and was second in 1995.

And the best Spanish was Toni Pena, who in 2000 came second at the finish line with a time of 2h 7:47, surpassed only by the Kenyan Simon Biwott, with five seconds less. Toni Peña made excellent marks, but never endorsed with good competitive success in major championships.

Berlin is so powerful that the average of its top ten brands is nothing less than 2h 3:49, world record mark was only five years ago. It has a comfortable lead over the rest of the great London (2h 4:34), Chicago and Dubai (both with 2h 4:40) and Rotterdam (2h 4:52).

On Sunday, new show.