Hemoon Men’s Running Trousers


This running trousers offer you most extreme confort and are appropriate for honing numerous games. Accessible in numerous sizes and hues.

Machine launderable

Adjustable fabric drawcord for custom

Comfort flex waistband

Side Pockets

Proper for running,basketball,yoga and other outdoorliving

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Product Description

Size Chart for Style #1, #2 and #3: (inch)
XS: Length: 40.55, Waist: 29.13, Thigh: 24.02, Hip: 41.73, Inseam Length:29.53
S: Length: 40.94, Waist: 29.92, Thigh: 24.4, Hip: 43.31, Inseam Length:29.92
M: Length: 41.34, Waist: 30.71, Thigh: 24.80, Hip: 44.88, Inseam Length:30.31
L: Length: 41.73, Waist: 31.50, Thigh: 25.20, Hip: 46.46, Inseam Length:30.71
XL: Length: 42.13, Waist: 32.28, Thigh: 25.59, Hip: 48.03, Inseam Length:31.10

Size Chart for Style #4: (inch)
S: Length: 42.13, Waist: 28.74, Cuff: 8.27, Hip: 40.94, Inseam Length:27.17
M: Length: 42.52, Waist: 29.92, Cuff: 8.66, Hip: 42.52, Inseam Length:27.36
L: Length: 42.91, Waist: 31.10, Cuff: 9.06, Hip: 44.09, Inseam Length:27.56
XL: Length: 43.31, Waist: 32.28, Cuff: 9.45, Hip: 45.67, Inseam Length:27.76

Size Chart for Style 3/4 Length:(inch)
S: Length:28.54, Waist:33.07, Thigh:23.62, Hip:42.52, Leg Opening:10.63
M: Length:29.33, Waist:34.65, Thigh:24.41, Hip:44.09, Leg Opening:11.02
L: Length:30.12, Waist:36.22, Thigh:25.2, Hip: 45.67, Leg Opening:11.42

Size Chart for Style 3/4 Length #1:(inch)
XS: Length:29.13, Waist:25.98, Thigh:23.62, Hip: 39.37, Leg Opening:10.24
S: Length:29.53, Waist:27.56, Thigh:24.41, Hip: 41.34, Leg Opening: 10.63
M: Length:29.92, Waist:29.13, Thigh:25.2, Hip: 43.31, Leg Opening: 11.02
L: Length:30.31, Waist:30.71, Thigh:25.98, Hip: 45.28, Leg Opening: 11.42

This running trousers offer you maximum confort and are suitable for practicing many sports. Available in many sizes and colors.

Machine launderable

Customizable fabric drawcord for custom

Solace flex waistband

Side Pockets

Appropriate for running,basketball,yoga and other outdoorliving